Website Tender Loving Care with PCCC

Let PCCC handle your website and platform maintenance

The Quandary

Having a business website is ubiquitous. Having a business website that uses a Content Management System (CMS) is ubiquitous, but also arduous to maintain, given all the other business tasks you need to handle. Each CMS, whether its WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, or another, has its own peculiarities and peculiar security patches that require handling. Even the Operating System (OS) platforms, on which your website CMS runs, need security updates.

Your host provider does not necessarily handle, or even care, that the CMS or the OS that you are using is properly maintained. If either gets corrupted or infected, they easily shrug it off by deleting your entire instance from their hardware infrastructure.

The security maintenance of your business, and your business website, are extremely important. You ignore it at your peril.

The Solution

Rather than ignoring your security: eliminate the extra labor!

Let PCCC monitor and keep you maintained with regularly scheduled check-ups, on both the CMS-side and the OS-side.

Pricing for an annual CMS-TLC contract is only $500/month for 5 hours of labor.

Alternatively, if you do not want a 12-month contract, our ad-hoc pricing is $600 for 5 hours of labor.

Additional Services

At Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation (PCCC), not only can we program, we dream in code. We are fully versed in co-developing the specifications for non-COTS products and website design, layout, programming and long-term maintenance and administration.

Our favorite quote is "Programming is a state of mind, not a language" and we have vast experience in nearly every major programming language from Ada to C to FoxPro to Perl to Visual Basic. Our preferred language is Perl on Linux based servers.

“We dream in code”... but we translate those dreams into reality.

So, while we are doing the above Website TLC work, we can also handle your other website related tasks!

Do you need your website reviewed & improved for Search Engine Optimization? We can handle that!

Do you need your website reviewed & improved for PCI DSS Compliance? We can handle that!

We can also help with any web and email hosting issues!